Only a few people know that india has the world's largest youth population country. Our 65% population is youth and by 2020 its expected to touch upto 75%. But the question arises here is,how much of them are productive and contribute in nations wealth? Why we are still poor and distract from our goals in life. Our mission is to create awareness in advance for our youth so that after passing out from their school or colleges they know all the things about life in advance so they can use their quality time to achieve their goals in life. By 2020 our goal is to spread the awareness to atleast 10 to 30 % of the youth and inform them about the practical things of life. Why children's commit suicide on result day, why they are losing their temper, why they are wasting the time in unproductive things, why they are not respecting government rules, not obeying parents, not setting goals etc. We believe they want someone who can tell them those practical things in advance so they can learn and achieve the success on time in their life. If our youth will perform best on time our nation will automatically will perform great.